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10th April 2012


just act natural

whenever there is any doubt- there is no doubt

 spy movies staring tom cruise notwithstanding- doubt should not factor into how the audience views a character performance

 the dramatic scene creates an out-of-context reality for the audience to enter but it can-t exist outside the context of experience- a fancy alpine castle with rainbows may look like a scene at first glance but only because one can imagine walking in the courtyard and looking up to the sky and Being there


 trying to make things make sense is a good way push the audience out of reality- david lynch scenes are believable because the character experiences are recognizable as human

 no one is going to have to explain why a fireball is flying out of a wizard-s hand if everyone relates to it as a ball of fire directed by a person- the audience doesn-t care how magic works because the heroine is cradling the knight-s head in her arms and wiping the tears from her eyes as he breathes his final breath


 the audience knows how sadness works so tears can be believed from a character experiencing grief- but the audience is going to want an explanation for the change if the character fails to express emotions consistently

 reacting to inconsistencies is bad storytelling- the heroine cries for the first knight but not the next one because she mentions later that she was in love even though she never showed any signs of it

 this bitch has to have a reason for acting all fucked up- and it better be important

 important is subjective and i am getting away from the point- the whole production of nine rings will make sense if every scene makes sense by itself

 sam is a mysterious mercenary whom others rely on for planning and guidance- the reason why the audience believes he is a leader is because the things he says can be taken out of context and still make sense

deirdre| what exactly were you doin back there
sam| lady- i never walk into a place I don-t know how to walk out of

spence| you worried about saving your own skin
sam| yeah I am- it covers my body

gregor| it would be nice to do something
sam| we are doing something- we-re sitting here waiting

vincent| what do you want for christmas
sam| my two front teeth

sam| excuse me- could you tell me how to find the post office
man with the newspaper| how did you know I speak english
sam| you got an english newspaper

sam| if you don-t mind- i-m gonna pass out

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